25. February, 2016Blog Comments Off on What is the centre?

What is the centre? The centre is the ‘me’, the ‘me’ that wants to be a great person, that has so many conclusions, fears, motives. From that centre we think, but that centre has been created by the reaction of thinking. So can the mind be aware of thinking without the centre, just observe it? You will find how extraordinarily difficult it is just to look at a flower without naming it, without comparing it with other flowers, without evaluating it out of like or dislike. Experiment with this, and you will see how really difficult it is to observe something without bringing in all your prejudices, all your emotions and evaluations. But, however difficult, you will find that the mind can be aware of itself without the centre watching the movement of the mind.

J. Krishnamurti,
The Collected Works,Vol.X,15