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Graded Reading List of Books of J Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti never suggested any sequence by which his books and other literature might be read or approached. However, the following books, in the order they have been arranged, has been beneficial to many, particularly to those who are new to Krishnamurti and his teachings.

  Name of the Book Odia translation
01 Talks With Students, Varanasi 1954 Rajghat Chhatranka Sahita Kathavasa
02 Life Ahead Aagami Jibana
03 This Matter of Culture Aei Je Sanskruti
04 Education and the Signficance of Life Sikhyaa O Jibanara Taatparya
05 Freedom from the Known Parichitiru Mukti
06 Beyond Violence Hinsara Urdhware
07 The Only Revolution Eka Hin Biplaba
08 Commentaries on Living-I Jibana Charcha-I
09 Commentaries on Living-II Jibana Charcha-II
10 Commentaries on Living-III Jibana Charcha-III
11 First and Last Freedom Prathama O Sesha Mukti
12 The Urgency of Change Paribartana Ekanta Jaruri
13 The Impossible Questions Asambhaba Prashna
14 Krishnamurti on Education Shiksha Sambandhare
15 The Whole Movement of Life is Learning Bidyalaya ku Patramala
16 Krishnamurti’s Note Book Krishnamurtinkara Tipakhata
17 Krishnamurti’s Journal Krishnamurtinkara Dinalipi
18 The Flight of the Eagle In the Press
19 Tradition & Revolution  
20 The Last Talk Krishnamurti anka Jibanara Sesha Bhasana
21 You are the World In the Press
22 Meditations (PB) Dhyaana
23 That Benediction is Where You are Asishara Baridhara Seithi Tumari Thare
24 Washington D.C-Talks Washington Bhasanalmala
25 and many more …………..