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Question: I am very interested in your teachings; I would like to spread them. What is the best way to do it?

Krishnamurti: “Many things are involved in this question. Let us look at it. Propaganda is a lie because mere repetition is not Truth. What you can repeat is a lie. Truth cannot be repeated for Truth can only be experienced directly; mere repetition is a lie because repetition implies imitation. That which you repeat may be Truth to someone but when you repeat it, it ceases to be Truth. …..Read More


Question: In what way can I help you in your work?

Krishnamurti: Is it my work, or your work? If it is my work, then you will become propagandists. And those who do propaganda are incapable of telling the truth; because they are merely repetitive machines, not knowing what they are saying. They may know the clever expressions, the slogans, the cliches; but they can never discover what is true…. Read More


One of the major activities of KFICC is dissemination of Krishanmurti’s teaching in the state of Odisha. A brief description of the activities follows.

1. Book Fairs are being attended in every district headquarters and sub-divisional quarters. Every year, around 25 to 30 book fairs are attended by the Centre where it reaches the public at large with K’s Odia and English books and his audio video tapes . In this way KFICC has almost covered the entire State of Odisha, and so far, it has been a grand success.

2. The Cuttack Centre has undertaken in subsidizing and economizing the prices of the books to make them affordable to most readers.

3. Out of the 60 Odia titles of K translated books, around 10 titles have been subsidized and priced between Rs. 10/- to Rs. 20/- for reaching out to students and  readers of interior Odisha.

4. The booklets are priced between @ Rs. 5 to Rs. 10.

5. In addition to this, the readers get 20% discount on the normal priced books.

6. The Centre visits schools and colleges in remote areas where subsidized & normal books & booklets of K are exhibited.

7. Cuttack Centre holds audio/video shows of K’s talks and discussions regularly and has been doing interactive sessions (i.e. Workshops) of Krishnamurti talks periodically.

8. The  Centre supplies Odia translated books of K in rural schools and public libraries all over Odisha free of cost. As a result, now all the district headquarters libraries of Odisha have a set of translated Krishnamurti books.