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Study Centre

Krishnamurti once said:

To be sensitive to the beauty of something is to perceive the totality of it. The mind that is thinking in terms of a part can never perceive the whole. In the whole the part is contained, but the part will never make up the whole, the total.

                 The question we face is, how to prevent the fragmentation of mind to perceive that totality! Awareness cannot happen when life is too busy to glance at what we are doing, saying, thinking, and dealing with all that is around us: people, ideas, challenges and experiences. The Krishnamurti Study Center at Cuttack  offers to let you take a quiet break from the humdrums of life to discover and understand yourself  by reading through the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. It is a place of self-enquiry.  

                 The convenient location of the Study Center within the historic city of Cuttack makes it easy to approach at any time of the day, and also provides a cool and quiet refuge from the city noises. The Reading Room library holds a collection of wide range of Krishnamurti books, pamphlets, articles, and teachings. In addition, this includes Krishnamurti’s books and booklets translated in Odia and a number of other Indian languages too. To those who prefer to listen to the teachings in the speaker’s own voice, the Study Center also provides the choice of listening and watching his audio and video lectures and talks in English in the spacious, upper storey hall. This quiet upper storey hall is also used as a Silence Room where one may sit in total silence and observe the working of the mind if he so wishes. A few more steps up land you on the roof-top terrace of the Study Center building with magnificent views of the vast expanse of the millennium old city of Cuttack with all its sorrows and glamours. Beyond is stretched the tree-lined embankment over the river Kathjori – an arm of the state’s main water supply, the river Mahanadi .   

                 A road leads from the Study Center to the nearby Kathjori river – about hundred meters away – where in the rainy season the waters spate menacingly up to the brim of the bridge; in the summer it recedes showing its bare sandy breadth; and splendid views of sunrise and sunset greet you almost the year round.

                 The building in which the Study Center stands sustains a great spirit of austerity owing to the sacred atmosphere  that has been maintained for over last forty years. The main purpose of the Center at Cuttack is to offer you to study what K is investigate it, question it, doubt it; not just read something and then go away.

             The operating days and hours of the Study center are: all days except Mondays between 8 am to 12 noon and in the evenings from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Krishnamurti has further said:

           If I went to the Study, first of all I would want to be quiet, not bring problems there; not my household problems, business preoccupation, and so on. And also I think I would want what K says to be entirely part of my life, not just that I have studied K and I repeat what he says. Rather, in the very studying of it I am really absorbing it; not bits of it here and there, not only just what suits me.

              If I went to study what K is saying, I would want to investigate it, question it, doubt it, not just read something and then go away. I would be reading not just to memorize I would be reading to learn; to see what he is saying and my reactions to it, whether it corresponds or contradicts, whether he is right or I am right, so that there is constant communication and interchange between what I am reading and what I am feeling. I would want to establish a relationship between what I am reading, seeing, hearing and myself with my reactions, conditioning, and so on; a dialogue between him and me. Such a dialogue must inevitably bring about fundamental change.

               Let us say that a man like you comes to this new Study. You take all the trouble to come to this place, and for the first few days you may want to be quiet. If you are sensitive you realize there is something here which is different from your home, totally different from going to a discussion somewhere. Then you begin to study, and not only you but all the people living here are studying, seeing, questioning. And everyone actually listening with their whole being will naturally bring about a religious atmosphere.

             That is what I would want if I went there. I would be sensitive enough to quickly capture what K is saying. And at lunch, or walking or sitting around together in the sitting room, I might like to discuss. I might say, “Look, I didn’t understand what he meant by that, let’s talk about it” – not you tell me about it, or I know better – “let’s go into it”; so it will be a living thing. And in the afternoon I might go out for a walk, or do some other physical activity.

             The study will be a place for all serious people who have left behind them all their nationality, their sectarian beliefs and all the other things that divide teachings profoundly?

J Krishnamurti