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History of KFICC

                  The Krishnamurti Foundation India – Cuttack Centre (KFICC) at Cuttack is the only KFI Centre in Odisha. Located on the banks of River Kathjori, the Centre has an extensive library of all Krishnamurti Books, Memoirs, his Video and Audio cassettes with Lending Library facilities. The library also has Krishnamurti books in English as well as the Hindi, Odia, Tamil, Kannad, Telugu & Bengali translations. Facilities are also provided for issuing and studying the books at the Centre itself. The Centre is opened on all days except Mondays between 8 am to 12 noon and in the evenings from 4 pm to 6 pm.

                  This institution is the first of its kind in the whole of Eastern Region of India. Its nucleus is the books of J. Krishnamurti and a Reference library consisting of carefully chosen books, where one can find almost the entire wisdom and Religion of the world.

                    This Centre was previously managed by Self Education Trust (SET), Cuttack since December 29th, 1979 as an educational institution of charitable status based on the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. Subsequently the Self Education Trust merged with Krishnamurti Foundation India in the year 2003, and got its new name – Krishnamurti Foundation India – Cuttack centre (KFICC).

                  The founders, who were the original owners of the land and premises on which the Centre stands today, have devoted their complete life towards development of the Centre, arranging over 2000 esoteric and philosophic books from different world Religions, Yoga, Alternative Medicines, Jungian psychology and Theosophy, apart from the complete works of Krishnamurti.

                  This idea to get this institution in place at Cuttack was been initiated over 50 years back, when one brother (Late J K Patnaik) from the family conceived the requirement, making it into a life goal, traveling in India and extensively in abroad to obtain rare books over decades, encouraging study and translation of Krishnamurti books. Thus, this institution was from the very beginning intended to provide the serious student a comprehensive overview of all esoteric literature and help him / her appreciate the rarity and exclusivity of Krishnamurti teachings and spreading his thoughts.

                  It is well known that there is a large population in India who has never heard about Krishnamurti. Many of them do not read English and do not like to read philosophies too. A large number of these people also cannot afford to buy expensive books. However, the Cuttack Centre has discovered that when reading materials on K reaches them, quite a few are moved by the sheer power of the teachings. The teachings touch their hearts in such a way that they discover a new meaning in life. Some of them even come forward to become volunteers to help in their own small way.